Here I Stand.

Its over and done with. I felt like I ran out of oxygen. Like everything became foreign to me. It’s almost as if someone stripped me of my inner peace, tore it apart, and watched me as I began to fade. Here I was standing there, everything around me became silent as if it was all completely non existent. I stood there nailed to the door step. My head was spinning, my soul was searching and my heart was aching. I couldn’t move. I anticipated that the door would open again, but instead I made my way… away. Deep feelings of anger and frustration flooded my mind- my body. It was cool like a breezey day for him. He was smooth about it. He had no worries- meanwhile, I felt my whole life flash before my eyes. As I passed people on the street, they all gave a look of sympathy to the girl with the puffy eyes drenched in tears. Perhaps it wasn’t the fact as I took each step away, I knew there was no coming back. Rather it was what he said, and how he said it. An ending so horrible, I thought I was talking to someone who never really loved me…

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