Unapologetically Me

Please excuse my messy hair and tired eyes. I’ve been working hard towards becoming the woman that I want to be. Yes, I. Not the woman society wants me to be, or my parents wants me to be, but the woman that will come out on top. See, Ive spent too much time trying to find the perfect person for everyone else, ignoring the perfect person for me to be. I’m not rude or stuck up, I’m just no longer in the market for an outsiders approval or satisfaction rating. I’m human, not some product on a shelf that has to go through levels of inspection before receiving a passing grade. Understand me? If you didn’t before, now you do. There’s not enough time anywhere in this world to let all the possible opportunities pass me by. I’m one person. And that’s all I can be. I have flaws. Who doesn’t? And if I didn’t have any, well that’s just never going to happen for ANYONE. We are made up our accomplishments, mistakes and experiences. In an over populated world, why try to fit into anyone’s standards that aren’t yours. Truth be told, whatever you do has a lasting impact on you, and a temporary impact on everyone else.

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