Fashion Forward

Fall season is creeping up on us, slow but surely. What lady doesn’t love pulling out the ankle or knee high boots, fitted jeans, solid color shirt with a patterned throw over. Sure, why not! It also seems as though the messy or sleek straight hair styles compliment these flawless outfits. I didn’t forget about the guys and their eye catching attire. That will consist of slim fits, Chelsea boots or oxfords, button downs and any other add ons. Lots and lots of layering people – the more, the merrier👌🏽

Color scheme: Some seasons favor different colors. So fall/winter cater to darker tones. Don’t be afraid to add a little pop to anything you put on. Add some yellow to that all black outfit. Most of the time we gear towards to black, navy, gray, brown, olive green, so forth and so on. NOT ANYMORE. Fall 2K16- patterns are trending. Adding color and mixing textures. You want to stand out. Don’t blend in. Im talking oversized clothing, furs, shine, glitter, leather, and most importantly COLOR!

Creating a statement outfit doesn’t have to be time consuming. You just have to know your style, your comfort and BUDGET. Ladies and Gents, a good looking outfit does NOT have to be expensive- just well put together. Also consider the fact that everyone should NOT have the same look!!! I’m not so crazy about clone clothing. Fashion should be fun. It’s an art form, outer beauty working hand in hand with an individual’s inner beauty. So I leave everyone with this- summer is not the only season for fun. Show fall and winter what you got😉

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