I’ll see you around.

I’m sitting at the bar and I notice a younger aged gentlemen from the corner of my eye making his way to the empty seat beside me. I quickly search for the bartender to order another martini and keep myself occupied. After a long day at the office, I just want to enjoy a few drinks before going home to my loft apartment and relaxing.

6’4, slightly darker than myself, black suit, clean haircut… not half bad. His presence seemed to be capturing the eye of all the other single females sitting at the bar as well. You can often make the distinction between the ladies coming here for a few casual drinks and the ones who coming looking for a man to buy them a few drinks.

His deep voice startled me a little bit as he asks if the seat beside me was taken. Without making any eye contact, I nodded my head no. He sat down, placed his duffle bag between the two of us and ordered a Whiskey on the rocks. Either this man had a VERY rough day, or he’s just a champ.

I took my time enjoying the fresh martini the bartender gave me 5 minutes ago. I caught myself a few times wanting to say something to this man but I knew better, no matter how many drinks were in my system. I wasn’t drunk, but I was feeling nice. I spent two minutes thinking about potential conversations for us to have but never actually started one.

I come to this bar often enough to know who’s a newbie and who’s not. I’ve never seen this man before. Maybe he’s new to the Fifth Avenue retail industry or he’s exploring new places to get wasted. Anywho, I accidentally knocked down the menu that was placed in front of me when I first sat down. As I began to reach for the menu on the ground, he quickly got out of his seat, picked it up and hands it to me.

I softly said thank you and decided it was time for me to go…

I asked Tiffany for the check and put my blazer on. I finished gathering my things, pulled out my card and placed it in the cardholder where the check rested. As she picks up the bill, he says,”no, it’s on me” and hands her his black card.

I was a bit confused for like 2.5 seconds. Why is this stranger paying for all my drinks? Did he look at the bill? What’s he trying to get out of this?, or rather from me? Thinking what every typical female would think, or at least one that has her guards up because she’s known nothing but fuckboys.

My immediate response went something like, “ummm excuse me, what are you doing?” He said, “being a gentleman, I’ll see you around…” Just like that, his fine ass was gone.

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