Daily Prompt: Fragile

via Daily Prompt: Fragile

Our hearts and mind reside in one place. Although they do, they tend to operate differently in their own way. How often do we find ourself questioning a decision we want to make or made , our ability to do, but your heart is influencing you to do the opposite of what you’re mind suggests. Take a relationship for example, maybe you are in, or have had a relationship where your heart and your mind didn’t agree and you spend so much time contemplating if this is truly for YOU. Or perhaps you get two jobs offers and debate the long term outcome of each, or you’re wondering what would have happened if you chose the other. “People” are very fragile things, some more than others. It’s human nature to be a little hard on yourself, to appeal to society/friends/family and its many expectations.

Then we have those who really just do not care… or at least that’s how they appear to be. Everyone is different, but in my opinion, EVERYONE reaches a time where they stop and think about what they are doing- at the moment, with their life, with their partner if it applies, where they are vs. where they want to be. The power of the heart and mind makes us (people) stressed, happy, overthink, sad, satisfied, etc.

I recommend we ease our life with at least a little bit of peace. Find ONE thing that you can consistently stick to, that will keep your mind occupied. And don’t be afraid to listen to your heart.. it won’t always be right but that’s the beauty of being human. Making mistakes, experiencing a heart break, overcoming obstaclesare a few of the many tasks you can overcome and with that, you more or less become less & less fragile overtime. In fact, You create a stronger and better version of you!

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