I Do… But It’s Complicated

Me: “Do You have a girlfriend”?
Him: “Yes, but it’s complicated”.
Stop right there young man. Maybe you think I have stupid written on my forehead, but please believe I do not. Before you think this is going to go any further, it WILL NOT. 
I will truly never understand why guys think it is okay to involve themselves with other females because things are “complicated” with their girlfriend. I mean, what is the point of being in a relationship if you’re still testing the water? 
These guys must think that they’re that smooth. The sad part is there are females who fool around with these guys. BUT! They’d be completely heart broken if they were in the other females shoes. Girl please, you’re just as bad as he is. 
This is becoming to common these days and I just do not have time for it anymore. Unnecessary love triangle, Waste of time, fuckery- that’s what it is. Ladies. Please stay away from these kinds of guys. Save yourself the headache and potential heartache 

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