Sit down and take time to appreciate what you do have. Too often we stress what we don’t have, and I find that it’s mostly the things we want and not the things we need. Of course, most statements are a lot easier said than done. Overtime, we may realize we don’t value ourselves and what’s in front of us the way we should. Man, woman, child, everybody has an unmeasurable worth. Patience, time, and effort will help you discover it. It doesn’t have to be planned, it doesn’t have to be explained, it doesn’t happen right away, it may happen when you least expect it if it hasn’t happened already. Our competitive culture tells us we need to be special and above average to feel good about ourselves, but we can’t all be above average at the same time. When you figure out what works for you, hold onto it. Hold on tight. Challenge what tries to make you think otherwise.

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