Dare to date a diva

Because every woman is one…
Okay ladies-
So you’re single and ready to mingle. Maybe you’ve gone through a recent break up or you haven’t been with anyone in a while. Whatever it is, you’ve decided you want to explore your options. 

“Dating” “Talking” “Seeing”…. Whatever anyone would like to call it – 
Let’s start with identifying some basic do’s and dont’s: 

1. There are no titles or obligations when you are dating, UNLESS some are established between the two people which kinda takes away from the whole point of dating. 

2. DO NOT Compare any guy to the previous. HUGE mistake. 
3. Dating should have some type of consistency but not like a relationship. Simple texts, dates, etc. 
4. You absolutely can date different people… But not too many. It’ll save you an unnecessary headache and it allows you to see what these bozos are really about
5. Date outside of what you’re “used to”. Women tend to want the same type of guy without even noticing it.. or maybe we do. Then we always wonder why it feels like we’re doing the same thing over and over. There are too many men out there in the world for you to stick to one type. 
6. Don’t be afraid to ask first. You see an attractive guy that you find some interest in. Don’t be afraid to strike a conversation. You never know where it may lead you…
7. DO NOT have sex with every guy you’re dating. Save the goodies- If he doesn’t like it, then that tells you something right there. 
8. Don’t ALWAYS make yourself available. Guys tend to think they have a one up when a female gives them too much time. Be a sweetheart. Be genuine. But stand your ground. 
9. Don’t be afraid to say no. The whole idea of dating is to have fun but still do what you want
10. It’s also a two way street. Sooo that means he has no obligations either. Not to say he can act like a total ass, but just know you’ll receive as much as you give- maybe less. Guys will be guys. 
11. Go at your own pace. Make sure you’re always comfortable
12. Last but not least, no matter WHO you date- he can be the most attractive, good looking man… ALWAYS stay true to yourself. Stay flawless. Don’t let no man change you. It’s usually the most attractive ones that play the most games like women were born yesterday. 

There’s many other things that come into play for dating do’s and dont’s. I just wanted to point out a few major keys that I notice myself or other women do. 

Xoxoxo Royalty

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