A Note To Self…

Be thankful for what’s positive in your life right now and stop dedicating so much energy to pinpoint what’s negative.
Don’t desire what you see on the outside because you don’t know what lies on the inside. Theres that infamous saying, “never judge a book by its cover“. 
I used to want what I saw on the outside. I wanted to be your average teenager. Staying out late, partying, sleeping over my friends house, etc. 

And, Well… 
I’ve grown up and so has everyone else. I watched them as they did too. I can say that some have made many accomplishments while others chose a path that hasn’t taken them anywhere. 

Now I reflect on what I thought I wanted, what I have and what I want. Boy has it all changed significantly. 
The challenges I’ve faced have opened my eyes. As many people can relate, sometimes you don’t really discover yourself until you’ve experienced different situations. Every time won’t be the same, and that’s the best part. 
There is no wrong in pushing yourself to be a little further than where you are. 
No matter you experiment with, always be thankful for the things you do have

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