Thank You

I counted each step he took as he walked away. 
Away from me. Away from us. Away from the back and forth. Away from the hurt. Away from the games. And that’s how many shots I planned on having.

Anywho, In this moment I knew damn well it was time to just say fuck it. This phase has just become a waste of time and very tiring. I have to admit, I spent a long time in denial thinking that there was some type of coming back. That it would work out. It did work out. I lost so many fights and the sweetest victory was winning the war. I discovered myself. All I had known since the young age of 16 was being in a relationship. 
I found myself looking for satisfaction and comfort by dating. But honestly, I can’t tell you what any of these relationships have given me. Maybe I shouldn’t say that, I do have two beautiful little creatures. With that being said…
People would probably agree that I should just throw in the towel and dedicate my time to them, work & school. 
Every part of me knew that this was it. The one. My soul. Blah, blah, blah. I guess every female thinks that when things start off too perfect. 
We’ve went through more than you can imagine in a short time lasting no longer than a year… if that. 
I’d be completely wrong if I put all the blame on him. He put up with ALL the bullshit I came with from beginning to end. It would take days to comb through how much we endured. 
What’s unfortunate is what I felt was troubling for me Didn’t Have much impact. But who’s loss is it?

Neither one of us. It amazing when we were good but awful when we were bad. 

This is what you call another lesson learned. 

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