We have way too much in common…

I’ve crossed paths with this creature probably at the one of the toughest points in my youth. 
The connection we have is something like no other from the first time we spoke. It felt like I was speaking to someone I’d known for forever. He says all the right things, and understands life… his, mine, the life of others to the best of his ability. Most importantly, his interest is different. 

  Different in a number of ways. A physical attraction was obvious…. but it went deeper than that. He sees more than a pretty face and slim waist. He picks at all the things that usually go un-noticed. 

I’ve met many men. They all come and go because they all turn out to be the same way and I just don’t have the time. 
I lost count of all the ways we relate to each other. We’re able speak for hours and he manages to keep my undivided attention. 
I often find myself wondering when it’ll change. It seems too perfect. My kind of perfect at least. Maybe it’s because we have many things in common, maybe because he’s straight forward. Maybe because I don’t have to question anything about him, maybe just because there isn’t one explanation in particular. 
Whatever it is, I like it. 

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