Hello 2K 17

It’s pretty much a wrap for 2k16. So some of us will be entering the new year with family, friends, colleagues, single, in a relationship, etc. Whatever way it is, we’ve been blessed to see another year and enjoy the festivities

We’ve managed to survive a year of trials and tribulations. Our brand new presidential elect and the debates, racial dilemmas with police personnel, the Great Britain referendum also the “Brexit”, the Olympics, the Pokémon Go fetish, the War in Syria and attacks in Orlando, and the Flint water crisis in Michigan. 

Alright 2K17. Be good to us. Please. We don’t need anymore struggles. With that being said…

As most people do, we’re wrecking our brains about making a “New Years Resolution”. Honestly, you can’t predict how the year will go, let alone a day or a month. 

I will say this
1) Stop procrastinating 
2) Meet new people
3) Be confident and take chances
4) Exercise and eat healthy
5) Travel
6) Be happier with your life
7) Read more
8) Be your only competition
9) If you’re forcing it, let it go
10) Nothing is impossible, keep pushing yourself
11) Don’t second guess your first instinct 
12) Look for the positive in the situation 
13) Follow your heart but don’t ignore your brain
14) It was all done before, it can be done again
15) Appreciate everyday

-Royalty 💋

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