Near Or Far

The sound of his voice sends tingles down my back

I noticed how consumed in him I was. I felt every feeling I knew I wanted to feel. He created a balance in my life considering everything that I was going through. But why? How? What’s wrong with this picture? Nothing is cut this simple. What’s the catch? No such thing as perfection handed to me on a silver platter this easily.
We’re 480 miles apart. I work days and he works nights. We both have completely different lifestyles and yet somehow we still manage to keep things consistent. My gut has good instincts about this but my mind is still skeptical. Maybe it’s because I have my guard up, but maybe I’m actually putting too much faith in this. How do you find the right answer for something so right but so complex? Maybe it’s destiny or fate? I don’t believe in those things though. Whatever the reason, it’s got me and it’s got me good. 
To Be Continued…

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