My Own Enemy

I flushed my face with water and just knew I’d wake up from this nightmare. I was sweating, felt knots in my stomach and became numb. How did I allow us to get here? Why? 

It was in that moment, I knew that I was looking at the reflection of my enemy. I was looking in the mirror. 
My eyes became weary, my heart was racing, and my knees buckled. The amount of damage I caused is unmeasurable. I toyed between two hearts, broke three, and mended none. Where do we all go from here? The images, the words, the tears, the hurt, the pain, tumbled around in my head over and over. 

My Head started spinning and I felt my body lose feeling. I lost my appetite and all I could feel was defeated. 

This version of me… I don’t know. Who am I? What have I become? Do situations like this fix themselves or do you just let it die? 

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