My Hands Bound. My Feet Shackled. I Felt Cold And I Couldn’t Find My Way Out. All Odds Are Against Me. I See The Light At The End, But It Seems As Though Every Time I Got Closer It Became Further And Further Away. I Felt Exhausted Because I Carry A Lot Of Weight On My Shoulders And This Dark Cloud Seems To Be Hovering Over Me. I’m Running Out Of Energy, But I’m Still Keeping My Faith. I Found Myself Trying To Make Sense Of A Tough Situation. My Biggest Struggle Was That I Was Alone. I Came To The Realization That This Is Where I Stand With No Company. Nobody To Listen Or See. Nobody To Understand Or Explain. I’ll Take It For What It’s Worth. A Lesson Perhaps. Or Maybe Just A Bad Experience. Hopefully Just A Bad Dream. Can’t Be. It Feels Too Real. I Dropped Down To My Knees As A Feeling Of Defeat Came Over Me. I Cried Because That’s All I Had Left, As I Tried To Figure Why? Or How? Just Get Me Out. That’s All I Ask. I’m Too Weak To Keep Up In This War. I Started The Bottle But I Lost The War. I’m Not As Strong As I Thought I Was Or Wish To Be. 

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