Dear Lover,

 You Ever Found Yourself So Drowned In Someone It’s A Tad Bit Scary. I Did. 
  I’ve been wondering about you lately. Did you eat? How’d you sleep? Is there anything you want? 

Am I coming off too strong? I’m rambling, but I can’t help these feelings. These emotions. A love spell is what I’d call it. 

Every second of everyday I want to show you just how much you mean to me. I crave you physically. I’m Infatuated with you mentally. Attached to you emotionally. My heart beats a little faster from the sound of your voice. I get chills from your touch. 

Do you believe in fate or love ever lasting? I find myself consumed in your presence, as you make love to me with the music blasting. 
Is there a guide to understanding how to love you?, I’d read It 1,000 times…
Understand This:

You. You are like no other. In a multitude of ways. How do I handle this? Do I sound Insane? You’ve got me going out of my brain. 

But it is what it is. You keep me grounded. You motivate me. You challenge me, all at the same time. 
Of course there’s many obstacles to face but that’s what makes this that much more beautiful. There’s nothing we can’t overcome. You’re all I know. All I want. All I need. We’ve come this far and we’re still making it. What the future holds for us will remain a mystery. But… This is it. Right here. Right now. Take these steps with me, and I’ll show you how. 
I promise to keep loving you each and every day. Thank you for our blessing on the way. 

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