I stood in front of the mirror and didn’t recognize her. The person I was looking for didn’t allow a mistake to change who she is. She didn’t chase. She didn’t beg. She struggled before she asked for help. She wore her best smile on a day to day basis no matter what was going on around her. She didn’t let anybody make or break her. She was proud of the challenges and obstacles she overcame. She was always thankful even at her toughest moments. The young lady I was looking for knew where she was going in life and didn’t allow anything to distract her. She was far from perfect. She had flaws for days and she still tried maintain herself even with them. The woman I was looking for, knew she could get through any situation even with the weight of the world on her shoulders. Where is she? I have to find her…
Because the individual I’m looking at is discouraged. She’s given up on her talent. She feels incomplete. She has a look of distress written all over her face. She’s lost and can’t find her way. She’s mute. Every piece of her broken down little by little. She’s playing victim. She feels guilt, she feels sorrow. She looks frumpy and un-cared for. Who is this person? She’s made herself a home somewhere she doesn’t belong. She’s overstayed in an unwelcoming environment. She has to go. I don’t mean to be harsh, but she doesn’t belong here. She is unwanted. 

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