Dear Bla…

Sent a message knowing there would be no response… Words left untold are sometimes the most crucial ones.

I wanted to let you know that I miss you and I love you even more than before.

I toss and turn late at night because you’re not holding me

I Hope and pray for everything that we used to be

I look at old pictures over and over and smile because of the memories

I write to ease the pain

I can’t eat

I can’t sleep…

Knowing you’re not here anymore, it makes me insane 

I’m trying to understand but it seems like an impossible task

I walk outside and it feels like nothing and nobody else around me exist

There’s a part of me missing and I’m trying to find my way,

To be Whole again. 

My heart and mind have agreed to not give up. 

But what about you?

Have you given up? Probably. Of course, I hope not

Well, I thought I’d let you know 

that I’m still yours – 

334 miles apart. 

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