Pieces Of Me

They’re a writer just like me… so what separates me from them? Nothing in particular but everything. Yes. Every single thing about me makes me different, and my writing is my product. I birthed it sometime around the age of ten. Of course at that time, it was juvenile thoughts about how unfair time-out is or trying to figure out how many best friends I had. 

For some people, there’s that struggle of finding their voice. For me, it was there, loud and clear. My struggle was myself, my courage, and my confidence. Truth be told, everyone can be a blogger. It’s words thrown on the internet, and the hope that there’s enough people out there willing to listen. 

It’s like these “IG “models” : they have semi professional photographers and great editing tools with high hopes the right “businessman” will stumble across their page. Easy as that, far from rocket science, and practical strategic planning. 

It isn’t for fame or fortune. It’s for my art. It’s for my words that get stuck to my tongue. It’s for my relief. It’s for my effort to let it all out. It’s my soul on the inside – my fears, mistakes, secrets, and every piece of me being shared with a bunch of strangers on the outside. 

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