Where do I start?

I haven’t wrote in a while because I can’t find the words. Or maybe it’s because I can’t figure out which issue to start with first that’s stored in this thing I call a brain. Work, school, my relationship, parenting, and my personality. Honestly, they’re all out of wack. It’s me. It has to be. I’m okay with that I guess. Of course I’m open to change, and becoming a better whatever society and my “loved ones” would like me to be. Maybe if I was a puppet on a string. Reality check: I’m stuck in my ways. I spend most of my days angry, upset, or just simply annoyed at the world. Every little thing ticks me off. Sometime ago, it was my goal, my duty, my passion to make others happy. And well, that hasn’t done much for me. Hell, it still doesn’t. Not being who I was before, everyone now asks, what’s wrong? Why are you like that?” Don’t ask me. Figure it out. And for the people who meet me as I am now, accept it, or don’t accept it. That easy. 

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