Walk In My shoes

I was born and raised in a small town known as the Lower East Side, of Manhattan that is. Filled with reconstruction, project buildings, Dominican hair salons, mom and pop shops. This is pretty much all I’ve ever known. Twenty three years. I spent probably two to three years at some point living in New London Connecticut when I was young but that didn’t last long. I returned back where I belonged by fifth grade. It was a easy transition. I made friends who are still very dear to me although we’ve all grown up and have completely different lives. I could never really have friendships with the girls in my neighborhood. I thought maybe I didn’t fit in, but I realized I didn’t want to. They weren’t really of my interest for friends. We had and still have different views, different goals, different life long decisions. Retail worker, just making it mother of two, part-time student, living at home with my and never really met the gentleman that part took in creating me… that’s Ansona. There’s still so much growing for me to do. More than what I’m already trying to process. I guess that’s what comes with being adult. Especially being an adult faster than I anticipated. But I found my talent in writing. I can’t draw, I can’t sing, I can’t act, and I’m your average person passing me by on the street. What I appreciate the most, is the fact that I wouldn’t change any of this for the world. All of this. Everything single Up and down, every struggle, every person, every experience is what got me here. It’s got to me the point of moving forward – greatness in the making baby. 

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