The Color of Love

The beauty of it was the triumph. Of course there was still obstacles to overcome, but the love they had for one another was stronger than one could fathom. It was the true definition of a love story. The passion in his voice when he spoke of her, the butterflies she got as if it were the first time. It made others yearn for something nearly close to what they shared. It was colored love. It was strength. It was courage just as much as it was fear. They didn’t always see eye to eye but if every single moment was perfect, how real would it be? They loved each other unconditionally. It was molded from their individual beliefs mended together. It was created from scratch time and time again. Every single time, it became stronger than ever. They were dedicated and determined to get where they were destined to be despite temporary feelings of doubt. Still, they haven’t reached their peak of potential. She’s still transitioning through different phases of growth and he’s still masterminding turning his princess into a queen. 
Inspired by a true story – our story 

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