Stop Running

I ran from myself constantly but at some point I just couldn’t keep up. I started to trip over every lie told to protect me. And with that, I didn’t have the courage to acknowledge how it hurt everyone else nor could I pull myself together to own up to my faults. I’ve always tried to avoid judgement at all cost but I guess it’s … Continue reading Stop Running

Walk In My shoes

I was born and raised in a small town known as the Lower East Side, of Manhattan that is. Filled with reconstruction, project buildings, Dominican hair salons, mom and pop shops. This is pretty much all I’ve ever known. Twenty three years. I spent probably two to three years at some point living in New London Connecticut when I was young but that didn’t last … Continue reading Walk In My shoes

Where do I start?

I haven’t wrote in a while because I can’t find the words. Or maybe it’s because I can’t figure out which issue to start with first that’s stored in this thing I call a brain. Work, school, my relationship, parenting, and my personality. Honestly, they’re all out of wack. It’s me. It has to be. I’m okay with that I guess. Of course I’m open … Continue reading Where do I start?

Pieces Of Me

They’re a writer just like me… so what separates me from them? Nothing in particular but everything. Yes. Every single thing about me makes me different, and my writing is my product. I birthed it sometime around the age of ten. Of course at that time, it was juvenile thoughts about how unfair time-out is or trying to figure out how many best friends I … Continue reading Pieces Of Me