Dear Bla…

Sent a message knowing there would be no response… Words left untold are sometimes the most crucial ones. I wanted to let you know that I miss you and I love you even more than before. I toss and turn late at night because you’re not holding me I Hope and pray for everything that we used to be I look at old pictures over … Continue reading Dear Bla…


I stood in front of the mirror and didn’t recognize her. The person I was looking for didn’t allow a mistake to change who she is. She didn’t chase. She didn’t beg. She struggled before she asked for help. She wore her best smile on a day to day basis no matter what was going on around her. She didn’t let anybody make or break … Continue reading Unwanted

The Victory of Losing

As Much As I Tried To Be The Perfect Person I Wasn’t  By Allowing Myself To Not Live Up To My Own Standards, I Failed Myself In The Process Of Trying To Find Myself, I Realized She Was There All Along It Took A Broken Heart, Guilt, Sleepless Nights, Tears, And A Lot Of Soul Searching.  I Daydreamed, Pondered, And Most Importantly I Prayed Every … Continue reading The Victory of Losing

Liar, Liar

Excuse me my dear, But you do not belong here, There, or anywhere, All that I ask, Please remove your mask, This cannot be you, for you are not true, You are a liar, Your presence is not in my desire, Do not cry, and do not try, You do not come before my pride, Cover your face, To this society, You are a disgrace, … Continue reading Liar, Liar

Dear Lover,

 You Ever Found Yourself So Drowned In Someone It’s A Tad Bit Scary. I Did.  Well,   I’ve been wondering about you lately. Did you eat? How’d you sleep? Is there anything you want?  Am I coming off too strong? I’m rambling, but I can’t help these feelings. These emotions. A love spell is what I’d call it.  Every second of everyday I want to … Continue reading Dear Lover,


My Hands Bound. My Feet Shackled. I Felt Cold And I Couldn’t Find My Way Out. All Odds Are Against Me. I See The Light At The End, But It Seems As Though Every Time I Got Closer It Became Further And Further Away. I Felt Exhausted Because I Carry A Lot Of Weight On My Shoulders And This Dark Cloud Seems To Be Hovering … Continue reading Abandoned